Foxconn "ahead of schedule" in improving working conditions, says Fair Labor Association

Foxconn "ahead of schedule" in improving working conditions, says Fair Labor Association

After an initial investigation in February – initiated by Apple, in the wake of a New York Times piece and a Mike Daisey’s piece on Apple working conditions (which was later retracted) – the Fair Labor Association has released their follow-up verification report to see if they are implementing the 195 actions that had to happen, and the organisation has found that some progress has been made.

“Our verification shows that the necessary changes, including immediate health and safety measures, have been made. We are satisfied that Apple has done its due diligence thus far to hold Foxconn accountable for complying with the action plan, including the commitment to reform its internship program,” said Auret Van Heerden, President and CEO of Fair Labor Association, in a media statement.

The report also noted that 89 actions were ahead of schedule, and another 76 are due to come into effect next year. In addition:

FLA also found that Foxconn took steps to bring its factories into full compliance with Chinese legal limits on working hours by July 2013. Foxconn has already reduced hours to under 60 per week (including overtime) with the goal of reaching full compliance with the Chinese legal limit of 40 hours per week plus an average of 9 hours of overtime per week while protecting worker compensation. This commitment was one of the most significant to flow from the assessments.

The full findings are available on their website.

via MacRumors

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