Foursquare adds 'lightning' check-in method in new iOS update

Foursquare adds 'lightning' check-in method in new iOS update


Foursquare has updated their iPhone app to include a new, faster way to check into a place – simply find a place, and just hold onto it. Or, you can also long-press the check-in blue button and they will automatically check you in to the nearest place.

“Now when you tap the check in button and see a list of places, just press and hold the place you’re at. You’ll see a green bar glide across the top of the screen and… voilà! We’ll check you in instantly. You can also long-press the blue button at the top of the screen when you open the app,” the Foursquare team writes on their blog.

Of course, the old-fashioned way is still there if you want to add a message about your check-in, add a photo or simply share your check-in to all the social networks that you have connected Foursquare with.

No word if this will be added to their other apps on other platforms (fingers crossed it will come on Android).

via Foursquare

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