Fortune: Jobs furious over MobileMe launch

Fortune: Jobs furious over MobileMe launch

The plagued launch of Apple’s cloud service MobileMe back in 2008 saw Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, ferociously condemning the team, labelling the problems as tarnishing Apple’s reputation, according to a new Fortune article called Inside Apple.

Designed to replace the .Mac service, MobileMe’s launch was plagued by problems at the start, with reports of slow loading times and servers down constantly – forcing Apple to give a free month of the service to paying subscribers – twice.

According to its writer Adam Lashinsky, Apple’s CEO summoned the MobileMe team into a meeting at its Town Hall after the launch of its product. Jobs asked the team, “Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?”

After being told what MobileMe was supposed to do, Jobs responded “So why the f— doesn’t it do that?”

“You’ve tarnished Apple’s reputation… You should hate each other for having let each other down.” Ouch.

It’s also said that Apple appointed a new executive team to be in charge of the service, and also the original team was disbanded. Since then, to Jobs’ credit, the service has improved and rumours of a successor are in the works called iCloud – which could also branch out from services into multimedia with music streaming.


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