Former QLD Premier backs R18+ rating call

Former QLD Premier backs R18+ rating call

While Australian gamers might rejoice over the fact that the biggest opponent, South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson, is no longer, there has still not been any progress for an R18+ games rating.

Well, now, the cause can add one more person to support their cause – former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie.

Writing an opinion piece for The Australian, he sees the introduction of an R18+ rating for the gaming classification scheme would benefit the Australian video games industry.

“The video games industry is now a $70 billion annual global industry and last year Australians spent $2bn on video games,” he writes.

“As a source of entertainment, video games are a global industry rivalling music and movies and cannot any longer be ignored by governments.”

“Being a parent is tough when it comes to supervising what games kids play on their computer, but providing a classification of R18+ gives parents more information, to guide their choices and keep their children away from games with excessive violence, inappropriate language or sexually explicit material.”

“It will empower parents.”

The new South Australian Attorney General, John Rau, has not made his position on this matter public, but hopefully he agrees with an R18+ classification for video games – because, without his support, the proposal is dead in the water as the decision must be a unanimous decision by the federal Attorney General and all of the states and territories’ Attorney Generals.

Image by: gnackgnackgnack/Flickr (CC)

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