FoodGeek: Cadbury Vegemite Chocolate Review

FoodGeek: Cadbury Vegemite Chocolate Review


Yes, we’re a little late to this party, but I thought it Cadbury’s Vegemite chocolate was still worth a taste-test from your trust-worthy FoodGeek columnist.

Vegemite is such a weird thing as it is. It’s basically a salty, somewhat bitter product that looks deceptively smooth and creamy. And it tastes incredible melted into a warm, fluffy bit of white toast.

But if you put it anywhere else you’ve lost me. Crackers? GTFO. WeetBix? Just die already. Even in a scroll, the actual bread part better be damn beautiful or you should just give up. Like, it better be the best damn mixture of sugar and flour and whatever else is in bread you’ve ever seen (yes, I’ve played Minecraft).

Even on cold, plain bread, Vegemite can be a dangerous condiment. Too much butter and you’re basically cheating and just eating a heart attack. Too much Vegemite and you’ll risk insanity and a dry mouth.

So Chocolate and Vegemite? That’s a weird concept.


We know chocolate mixes with things. It works definitively with peanut butter. It works with caramel, nuts, fruit. But Vegemite?

In practice, even though it sounds weird, Vegemite Cadbury is alright, but not great.

At first I liked it, but then again, it just tastes like someone put straight Vegemite into a caramel wonderland, and it’s a bit weird. The salty nature of it all is a good fit with the sweet caramel, but at the same time it isn’t as satisfying as the equally savoury melted butter. And sometimes I think it’s spread a bit too heavily internally. It’s sort of sickly, in a way. It tastes odd.

As well, the caramel is equally out of whack thanks to the combo. It’s gooey, and the Vegemite is texturally out of place. But it reminds me a bit of mixing honey with Vegemite, which is an equally odd, though fun mix. I’d actually prefer Honey and Vegemite on warm toast to this, though that’s not really fair.

Maybe if the chocolate was warmed up, this would be cool. And if I were to choose, I might try it again, but it wouldn’t really go into my rotation. Chocolate and Vegemite are weird, as they should be.

  • Wrap Up:

    >★ / 10

  • The Good:

    Not the worst, caramel offers a great base, and Cadbury chocolate is great too

  • The Bad:

    The Vegemite is a bit too thick, and the overall taste is a little sickly

  • Bottom Line:

    Sickly, weird, but a must-try for any Vegemite fans

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