Flock Review

Flock Review

Flock… The fork of Firefox for the mad and crazy world of Web 2.0. tech.geek has reviewed it, and even posted a blog post on it. Let’s just see how well it performs with our main editor… Terence Huynh, as he is tough to please these days…

Download Flock…

Flock, just as what we have said… is a browser designed for the Web 2.0 Crazy. So, basically when you download the software and install it… you are greeted with a dialog box saying that do you want to customize it.

Flock allows you to update your blog and your Flickr and Photobucket profiles, and many more; with Plugins. However, this browser is incompatible with your Firefox extensions; even though we have said it is a fork of Firefox.

So… After when you finish with configuring the browser; Let’s get started with our review.

We like the nice and sleek design. It’s like a Apple Safari-like look. Plus there are many plugins for Flock to use. Flock uses Yahoo! as their default search engine, when Google is the default for Firefox.

Since it supports Yahoo!, Flickr is also supported. But no support for Picasa or even Webshots. It does support Photobucket. This problem can be fixed with a plugin.

Blogging is also there, and you can set up and create a blog post in this browser. You can create ‘snippets’ to be used for later in your blog post. Mostly the features are basic and you can drag and drop images. However, you can’t change the way the image is floating left or right. The photo technically stays there on the line, creating a huge space. There is even a way to add custom words to the dictionaries, and the spell checker is a familiar look to Microsoft Office.

However, I had a crisis when using it. It’s seems that it ticked off an option to use TinyMCE. I wasn’t to happy about that.

By the looks of it, it’s a very good version to replace Internet Explorer, but not Firefox. We still think Firefox is better as it is has an expandable extension database that is not mostly Web 2.0. But still, Flock deserves some credit to not be Firefox. It gets a 7.3 on our rating system.

You can view the screenshots that I have taken for the review here.

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