Flock is dead, wants you to move on by April 26

Flock is dead, wants you to move on by April 26

Remember Flock? The browser that previously was simply a skinned Firefox with social networking add-ons attached? No? Well, it’s kind of too late to try it out now, as Flock has decided to axe its browser, and wants its users to go to other web browsers by April 26, as support will be discontinued.

The browser, albeit based of Firefox initially before switching to be based off Google Chrome, was not that popular to begin with. The shut down came just less than six months after Zynga, creators of FarmVille and CityVille, bought the browser.

“The Flock team joined Zynga in January, 2011 and is now working to assist Zynga in achieving their goal of building the most fun, social games available to anyone, anytime — on any platform,” Flock said on its end-of-life page.

It suggests that you use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as alternatives. However, if you still require your social fix, we suggest you turn to RockMelt.

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