Flappy Bird developer pulls app - and some fans react by threatening to kill him

Flappy Bird developer pulls app - and some fans react by threatening to kill him

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If you have just woken up today, then you’ll be sad to know that the developer of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, has pulled the app from the iOS and Google Play app stores. He tweeted that he would pull the game after saying he could not handle the internet and media attention that Flappy Birds has received.

Nguyen also said that legal issues were not a factor in deciding to remove the game, and confirmed that he would not be selling the game. Last week, in an interview with The Verge, Nguyen revealed that he was making $50,000 per day in in-app advertising – so the decision to remove the game is no doubt personal, not financial.

While fans have been largely disappointed at his decision to remove the game from iOS and Android; some fans have taken to Twitter to tweet to Nguyen that they will kill him if he removes the app. Because obviously that’s one way to save your favourite app – by threatening to kill the app developer.

What a bunch of motherfucking idiots.

Below are a small selection of death threats that Nguyen has received. Some of them come from CNBC’s Eli Langer, who has collated some of the tweets in a timeline; while others come from a simple Twitter search. Remember, your tweets are public for the world to see.

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