Five Gadgets to Take When Traveling To the U.S.

Five Gadgets to Take When Traveling To the U.S.

With a new gadget in the market every day, travelers’ priorities have outgrown the conventional packing checklist. There was a time when the only worry travelers had was the selection of their outfits according to the destination and leaving some space in the suitcases for souvenirs. However today, with the advent of new tech, electronics, wires and cables, SIM card chargers and gears have become necessary items for US-bound tourists.

America is a country laden with breath-taking architecture, dazzling towers, enthralling parties and clubs, and exquisite and unforgettable cuisine. The things this land has to offer to make it necessary to capture them. Times are gone when people traveling to America only had to worry about good clothes, food, and sightseeing. Today, capturing every single moment and ensure a smooth, comfortable and most importantly, a regret-free trip has become all the more essential.

Technology helps you in making sure you get those drool-worthy, Instagram-able pictures of your food, bring a whole lot of souvenirs for yourself and your family without having to fret over the weight limit of your luggage, take beautiful pictures of yourself in all of those handpicked outfits outside grand buildings, and stay productive by checking in your work and emails while away.

In this ever-connected world, technology has become a basic necessity, however choosing which tech-gadgets would be worth accompanying you to your trip to the States could be a difficult task.

We have narrowed down the list of five necessary gadgets to take with you to your adventures in America.

1. Smart Suitcase

A carry-on luggage suitcase is the most basic accessory for travel. However, picking out carry-on luggage depends upon the traveler’s preference, personal style and of course, needs. Now, to the smart luggage carriers, we know you have got questions. Smartphones and laptops were fine, but smart suitcase? Well, this innovative gadget is there to eliminate the biggest worry of tourists – losing all their belongings. Hundreds of luggage bags are lost on airports all over the USA every day.

Even though America is a country with some of the strictest set of rules and laws, chances are you would find your belongings. Nevertheless, fear is inevitable. The idea of tracking your luggage is extremely compelling, and that is exactly what smart suitcases do. Doesn’t matter if you are hundreds of miles away from your luggage, you can keep an eye on your belongings from your smartphone. Some bags also have USB connections to charge your devices.

Another way is to add simple tracking gadgets to your luggage, this smart-tech idea helps you save a fortune spent on the smart-bags.

2. Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Connectivity is a major issue faced by foreigners in a new country. And for tourists visiting America, it is no different. Even though international travels have become easier than ever, staying connected can be extremely troublesome. Going to internet cafes and wasting money on expensive coffee just to have excess to the free Wi-Fi could lessen the spirit of your trip, and bare you of the time you thought you would spend adventuring in the States.

You could leave all your worries at home and go carefree with a portable Wi-Fi hotspot device. These small devices could be carried in a backpack, purse, or even in pockets. One of the best portable Wi-Fi devices shortlisted by Forbes offers amazing data coverage. With unlimited 4G LTE, you can stay productive and check your mails, share the moments with your family and friends back home, and ask the Internet for attractions, best eateries and clubs, and places to visit near you.

3. Weather-Proof Phone Case

Almost all of America is known for its pleasant weather. However, nature is known for its unpredictability. You can be lying under the sun in California and the next thing you know is a comet made its visit around the earth and it’s snowing in San Francisco (almost). Okay, not to fantasize and bring movies into reality, but the weather in America can be extremely unpredictable at times.

A weather-proof phone case is not something many travelers think of, but that does not lessen its necessity. Many people – whose minds do remind them that weather could go bad without informing you – bring along zip-locks just in case. However, zip-locks might protect your phone from the rain or dust but using a phone through them is a total mess. Weather-proof cases are made from materials intended to protect your phone from the weather and ensure a smooth run at the same time.

4. Portable Tripod Stand for Smartphones

Selfies might be in fashion, but we think it is about time we bring back photos with backgrounds. Taking photos to top the traveler’s to-do lists, and if you are traveling to America, there are just too many mesmerizing sights worth being photographed with you. Stopping passersby and asking them to take your pictures everywhere you go could be annoying, both for you and others. And there are not one or two places in even the smallest towns of America that are worth being photographed, hence you would need a personal aid to do the job for you.

Portable tripod stands are just what you need. Because of their compact and no brainer design, they could be easily squished into the suitcase. Smartphone tripod stands are smaller in size and weigh very little, making them easy to be carried along wherever you go.

5. Portable Vacuum Pump

It doesn’t matter how light your luggage was when you arrived in the US, it will weigh twice- if not more – than its original weight. It’s impossible not to get a long list of items to be bought back home when you announce your trip to America.

A portable vacuum pump is an ultimate travel gadget. It comes in attractive sleek designs and is extremely lightweight. This automatic pump removes all the air from inside the suitcase, condensing the luggage to almost half of its size. It leaves plenty of room for gifts and souvenirs you buy on your trip. This gadget can be extremely useful if you are visiting cold states, especially in heavy winter, by helping you fit in heavy winter clothes in your luggage bags.

The Final Word

So are you ready to explore the United States like no one else ever has? 

If yes, let’s get ready to explore America the Columbus way, but not without the support of the latest gadgets from the world of technology. These gadgets will set you on your way to not only explore the beautiful country but also make and save precious memories along the way.

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