First Look: TownCraft (Flat Earth Games)

First Look: TownCraft (Flat Earth Games)


At PAX Australia Indie Pavilion, TechGeek was able to get a hands on look on the recently released game, TownCraft. This strategy/simulation game focuses on the player’s ingenuity of building a thriving town from nearly nothing. Players will be able to gather resources, grow crops, manage mines, craft over two hundred unique items and build structures.

While the game has a storyline told via given quests, this section of the game is completely optional. The main focus of the game is for players to have a ‘chill’ gaming experience – no disruptions and hazards that would greatly affect your town’s development. For those who want a sandbox version, it is possible to unlock a majority of the game from a simple button.


On the hands-on demonstration, I started on a newly generated world with a path running down the world. This path was for visiting peasants exploring your town while offering quests. People who walk pass your town could be hired to help gather resources. Interacting with the environment was simple – tapping the tile that it was placed on and you character automatically. Crafting was also easier as the initial crafting interface would have a maximum of two ingredients. So finding new items was easy by mixing different items. The building interface was a simple drag movement, releasing on the dimensions of the house desired; as long you had the resources. Once the lone house was built, peasants began visiting the ‘town’, offering quest for the main story. Final impression: simple and relaxing game for any type of gamers.

TownCraft is currently available on the iPad on the Apple’s App Store.

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