First Look: The Legacy of Barubash (Kactus Games)

First Look: The Legacy of Barubash (Kactus Games)

ss3At PAX Australia Kactus Games showed their latest game The Legacy of Barubash and TechGeek was given an opportunity to play a small portion of the game. The Legacy of Barubash is top-down action-RPG game where the player commands Kaleb, a young hunter trying to save his wife and unborn child from an endless sleep.

I had a chance to play the demo during PAX Australia with the CEO Kamil Czajko guiding me throughout the play-through. First I played a little section from Chapter 1, exploring the terrain. Trying the combat system out, it was reminiscent to classic top-down shoot ’em up, spamming arrows in a general direction. It was later explained that I could do a small magic Area-of-Effect (AoE) attack and upgrade it as I leveled my character later on. As the level progressed more enemies would spawn in a large amount, making it difficult to defeat all of them, so I ran and avoided most of the enemies trying to get to the floating crystals – gateways to the next area. Afterwards I tried a boss fight.

The boss fight shown at PAX Australia was a three-phrase boss fight. The first wave was simple – avoiding the boss’ projectile stream. The second wave the started using a AoE attack and started teleporting around the map. To avoid attack, I was told to hide behind large rocks. And the final wave, minions would randomly spawn helping the boss. The boss was particular difficult due to the buff it received at PAX, but it was nevertheless a good challenge.

The game will be available on the Android and OUYA later in the year.

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