First Look: Rayman Legends

First Look: Rayman Legends


One of the games that I was most looking forward to spending more time playing at PAX was Rayman Legends. Having already played the exclusive Rayman Legends Challenge App on the Wii U, I was familiar with the way it works but still was amazed by how enjoyable it is to play, especially with 5 players.


A simple explanation for those of who have not heard of it, Rayman Legends is a side scrolling platformer set amongst breathtakingly beautiful worlds where players must run, jump and fight their way to finish each level. Up to five players can play, with four players on Wii remotes and one player on the Wii U GamePad. The level design is diverse, with some levels featuring musical montages, including Spiderbait’s Black Betty, some requiring stealth mechanics, and others where you ride huge dragons whilst dodging fireballs.


One of the most memorable levels we played at PAX had the person on the GamePad controlling Murfy and required him to hold down switches to deactivate lights so the other players could sneak past undetected. This required cooperation from all players, as the GamePad player could make life more difficult for everyone if he let go of the switch early, or failed to assist them. This team work is what makes Rayman Legends so enjoyable!


The game makes full use of the Wii U GamePad. Not only can you play as Rayman using the Game Pad, but you can also play as Murfy, which is a flying frog like character controlled entirely on the touch screen. Break out the stylus or simply use your thumb and the level suddenly changes to feature ropes that need to be cut, platforms that require you to move them around, or circular discs that you rotate the GamePad to get past. You can also simply slide your stylus to attack enemies or collect gems.  The best part is that you can drop in and out of being Murfy or Rayman by simply touching the GamePad or by pressing the B button.

Rayman Legends is incredibly creative and probably has the best use of the GamePad of any Wii U game so far. Before it comes out you must give it a go. You won’t be disappointed!

Rayman Legends launches 29th August 2013.

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