First Look: Hero Days

First Look: Hero Days


At PAX Australia TechGeek was given access to play a small tutorial of Fey Wombat Studios’ upcoming game Hero Days. The game manages to combine funny concepts of superheroes, dinosaurs and cupcakes; with a simple beat ’em up touchscreen game to produce an enjoyable game. The game will feature character customisation, allowing for unique and interesting designs.

I had a chance to play the tutorial today with the developer Frank Wong guiding me through the game. First we looked at the character customisation screen. The extent of the customisation was gender selection, costume selection and side-kick selection. The available side-kicks in the demo were a dog, a cat or a kangaroo. Once my weirdly superhero and faithful companion was selected the level began.


The on-screen UI had the health bar on the top left of the screen with a small orange bar beneath it. The orange bar was explained as a power meter that once filled would give access to a superpower, either super strength or psychic powers. The orange bar could be only filled via cupcakes dropped by enemy dinosaurs.

The controls were simple – drag to move, tap to hit. Just like traditional beat ’em up games, the games only progressed if all the enemies on the screen were removed. After fight through waves of dinosaurs and collecting dozens of cupcakes, the tutorial was over. Final impression: there was some input lag in moving around the screen that would be frustrating at times; however the game was fun nevertheless.

The game will be available on the iPad and iPhone in November.

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