Indie Showcase: Fractured Soul

Indie Showcase: Fractured Soul

Fractured Soul

Fractured Soul is being featured in the PAX Australia Indie Showcase, a 2D platformer that takes inspiration of games like Mega Man, which uses two screens of the 3DS at once, or a split screen for PC. Developed by Endgame Studios, based in Victoria, the game focuses heavily on the two screens and how players must switch between each screen to reach the end of the level.

The game was very easy to pick up, using buttons jumping, shooting, and switching. The level I played was a great introduction to the game, showing off the mechanics of switching screens and the puzzle aspect of the game. It was confusing for me to get used to the character switching, and took a few times to get past certain parts of the stage because I would keep forgetting which character I’m switched to, but in terms of difficulty, the game seems to be balanced, well at least for the level I played.

Being a platformer, the double jump feature is really nifty and could help you escape from falls, and with the switching, double jumping can help you reach collectibles. I really like confronting enemies, being able to shoot, and then switch screens to defend yourself.

The game is available now on the the Nintendo 3DS eShop, and Endgame Studios has submitted a PC, Mac, and Linux version to Steam Greenlight, with additions to the game, like an optional ‘easy mode’, advanced timers for speedruns, and video exporting.

Words: Adrian Cajili
Video: Tom Solari

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