First Look: Colossatron Massive World Threat

First Look: Colossatron Massive World Threat


Halfbrick’s latest mobile title is looking to be a very action packed, taking control of a huge robot snake named Colossatron, players must destroy as much as the city as they can, whilst collecting upgrades and fending off the military. The game focuses on the upgrades themselves and how a combination of colours can really affect your gameplay.

The gameplay itself is fast paced and pushes you to focus on everything happening on screen, it can be really intimidating at first, seeing all the enemies and upgrades on screen at once. As you continuously add on weapons and gadgets to Colossatron, the game gets increasingly difficult, the military starts off as a few tanks and helicopters then adds huge airships with advanced weaponry.


My favourite gameplay feature was collecting the components of Colossatron and finding different combinations. For example, if you have a Red and Blue component on Colossatron, getting a yellow component can change your situation, by being more offensive by combining red and yellow to make an Orange weapon, or if you want to be more defensive and create a green healing gadget by combining yellow and the blue components. You can also combine three of the same weapon to create a super weapon.



Comparing myself to other players, I tried to create chains of the same colour and keep it organised, but others wouldn’t bother with the colour combinations and would rather increase the length of Colossatron. Its interesting to see different combinations or weapons and gadgets, i couldn’t really tell which colours went with  the weapons, but some included machine guns, lasers and a healing gadget.

The game is set as a news report, which adds to the intensity of the game. The visuals and graphics shine during the introduction scenes, It’ll be interesting how these cartoon scenes will be used in the game, if they introduce features like story mode. I can already see myself getting addicted to this game like Jetpack Joyride, it would be great to see what other features will make it to the game.

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