First Look: Beatbuddy - Tale of the Guardians


At PAX Australia today we got an early look at THREAKS’ action-music game Beatbuddy. Following a blue mystical creature called Beatbuddy through a musical journey around the his homeland of Symphonia.

However, this land is under threat by an unknown force and the player must save Symphonia. The game will feature six different environments and many well-known video game composers – including Journey’s Granny-Nominee Austin Wintory, Sabrepulse and Parov Stelar. Beatbuddy will be available via Steam on August 6 for Windows, Mac and Linux; and a console version in the near future. Images and trailers are at the below of the article.

TechGeek was given an opportunity to play the tutorial at PAX Australia. The game’s visuals were amazing. The gameplay was simple – the movement and environmental hazards were depended on the background’s rhythm. Matching control inputs while counting the beats was a unique experience I’d never met before. While playing through the tutorial, many musical instruments began playing slowing, eventually becoming a symphony. Bass drum, high hats and snare drums blending together to make a beautiful melodic sound.

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