Firefox 6 ahead of schedule, hits your updates box next week

Firefox 6 ahead of schedule, hits your updates box next week

Despite Firefox 5 being made official to download in June, Mozilla has already started releasing what appears to be a final version of Firefox 6 through its FTP servers – but you wouldn’t have known that unless you did some digging into its servers.

But why jumping from version 5 to version 6? Well, before, Mozilla would have labelled this version 5.1, but now that is considered being to slow to develop as major features, such as full HTML5 support, would have been pushed for the next major edition and not as a 4.x update. That, and Google Chrome is already in version 13, with version 14 and 15 on the works already.

So what can you expect? Nothing major – except apparently speed improvements. It promises to be almost 20 percent faster than Firefox 5. And while some may think that’s a bit gimmicky, but for Firefox, who has a notorious performance problem, it’s good.

Plus, suck it Chrome.

Via: technobolt

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