Mozilla pushes out Firefox 4 - copies Chrome in more ways than one

Mozilla pushes out Firefox 4 - copies Chrome in more ways than one

After Internet Explorer 9 got some good press for its revamp look, Mozilla – not wanting Microsoft get all the good goss – has officially launched their new version of Firefox, version 4.0. And it’s kind of obvious where Firefox got their new UI inspiration from – rival Chrome.

While it’s obvious that it looks copied, it does mean a new shift for 4.0. The new UI see tabs now on the top, but that can be switched to the bottom, a “simplified reload/stop button”, a Bookmark Button, and a new “Firefox Button” which replaces the menu toolbar.

Included are new features such as Multi-touch support; App Tabs, which allows you to get to your most frequently visited sites; and Panorama, which makes it easier to drag and drop tabs into groups to save time with many tabs opened. Also integrated in this edition is Firefox Sync, and now no longer needs an additional add-on. Sync will now also sync your passwords and form details for auto completion.

But what has improved is the performance. Firefox has been known to be one of the most memory-hogging processes, but now it appears to have smoothed the kinks. As well, a new Javascript engine, called JagerMonkey, sees the browser perform up to 6x faster – depending on the scores you believe in.

For web developers, the new version includes the new syntax for HTML5 and CSS3, while also includes support for HD-quality video via WebM, in addition to the Ogg standards. It also includes 3D graphics, a new Audio API via Javascript and a web console.

You can now download the browser at its website.

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