Final Cut Pro X Available June

Turn off the rumour mill: here are the facts about the new Final Cut Pro. Today the National Association Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas held some reserve time for a 7PM (local time) presentation from Apple to unveil its new Final Cut Pro software, dubbed: Final Cut Pro X (10). The cost? $299USD (or about 284.789028 Australian Dollars). Yes, thats right. Its just $299 for the full package, no more Final Cut Express, just this one package. No word on Final Cut Studio however. It will be available from the Mac App Store.

The new software will include:

  • Rewritten from ground-up: 64bit and Grand Central Dispatch. This means up to 8 cores can be utilised.
  • Full ColorSync usage and background rendering
  • Able to edit up to 4K media files
  • Automatic ‘clean-up’ and image stabilisation
  • Non-destructive colour balance
  • People detection and shot detection (such as mid, long or close up shots for example)
  • Editing during import
  • Scalable rendering
  • ‘Resolution independent’ playback system
  • Range-based keywording
  • Smart collections (categorises media by type)
  • Clip connections
  • Magnetic timeline
  • Compound Clips (allows multiple clips to be as one clip)
  • Non-destructive auditioning feature (compare edits and effects)

Apple stated that it has also empowered the power user by adding many keyboard shortcuts and commands to make editing a lot easier for those who are more inclined to keyboard-based editing.

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