Female Warriors Unite through Gaming

Female Warriors Unite through Gaming

Recently, The Wounded Warrior Project brought women veterans together to connect over video games. The group started in a teleconference to meet everyone, then moved to WWP’s server on Discord to start playing Call of Duty and other games.

More than 50 warriors connected to play different games and bond.

Social distancing is not good for Natasha Carter. The Army veteran from Georgia already lives with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of her time in Iraq.

Natasha said,

Dealing with PTSD can take a toll on someone in this type of environment,”

But she has found an outlet with Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) and video games. Not only has Natasha found a resource to deal with PTSD, but also a resource to connect with other female veterans.

I continue to become more involved with Wounded Warrior Project. I love that they care about you and make you feel comfortable no matter what you have been through.

Since 2003, Wounded Warrior Project has been meeting the growing needs of warriors, their families, and caregivers — helping them achieve their highest ambition.

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