Fairfax to charge mobile users to access content

Fairfax to charge mobile users to access content

The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald will soon be charging for access to its news content within a matter of weeks. However, unlike in News Corporation’s The Times in the UK blocking access to all who don’t subscribe, it will only charge those who access it on their mobiles.

Along with web-only publications The Brisbane Times and WA Today, parent company Fairfax Media will be bringing out smartphone applications that allow users to pay a subscription fee to access content on their phones. Most likely, the first applications will be out on iOS devices as in-app purchases are part of the SDK.

The pricing plan for these devices have not been revealed as of yet, but Fairfax has said that users will be able to purchase six-month subscriptions. Users will also be able to have access to videos and customise their experience, and they claim the app experience will be superior to the in-browser ones.

The move follows News Corporation’s The Australian releasing an iPad application that charges users $4.99 a month to use.

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