Facebook, Twitter out-do MySpace

MySpace – it was (and to some still is) the biggest social networking site of once upon a time. Nobody was cool unless you had it – employers, potential co-workers and friends at school all bragged of using it. Facebook was just thought of as a “it’ll never grow” site and Twitter was no where to be heard of. Well, times are-a-changing.

In a recent survey, data results show that MySpace has lost close to 50% of the social market share, despite it’s loyal users staying on the site longer then Facebook or Twitter. Facebook and Twitter now have 8 million and 1.5 million members respectively, according to a recent Nielsen Poll and have been the two main winners in the social rush for glory.

Reasons touted for this drop in user base is largely due to the average age group of the MySpace population and user disappointment at site maintenance, user interactivity and overall site content. MySpace hopes to remedy this problem by turning MySpace into a more music & video driven social networking site.

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