Facebook Timeline now available for all - and get ready for the users to scream hate

Facebook Timeline now available for all - and get ready for the users to scream hate

Facebook’s new profile design, dubbed Timeline, will now be rolled out worldwide from today which was previously available to developers. Users can now either opt-in to the new design right now, or wait until you are prompted to by Facebook.

Also announced by the social network was that Timeline will also be implemented on its mobile site – m.facebook.com – and on its Android app.

The new main focus is the “timeline”, which has been designed to track even the more intimate details of one’s life. When you graduate, when you had your first kiss or your first child – Facebook wants to know when you did it on this timeline. Yes, it’s a bit freaky and a bit scary to think that the company wants to have details about such personal information – but hey, it’s for their ads.

We got access to the site in September, and I pointed out that people will not like this change because of a couple of reasons – mainly because Facebook users are really hesitant about change (I mean, for god sakes, they’ve been pretty vocal about even the most miniscule of changes). In addition, I also noted that the design:

I feel that the design purposely wants you to fill in the blanks, and there is nothing wrong with that – unless you are a privacy-conscious person. The fact that it asks you to add photos from your education history, employment and birth highlights Facebook’s new approach – to be a digital storage of your life. It kind of make sense logically as many users aren’t techheads and just want simplicity, and I think this will provide it.

You can get Timeline via its website.

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