Facebook rumoured to be announcing Last.fm-style music service at f8

Facebook rumoured to be announcing Last.fm-style music service at f8

TechCrunch is reporting that a new Music service will be coming to Facebook. The service, rumoured to be announced at f8, Facebook’s anual conference, will borrow many features of Last.fm, such as “scrobbling”.

Scrobbling, the term made popular (and created) by Last.fm, automatically takes the songs that you’re listening to and posts them onto your profile. This means that you don’t have to lift a finger to share the latest bands that you’re rocking on your iPod or other MP3 player.

But one key advantage that Facebook would have over Last.fm is that the Last.fm is dedicated to music and currently holds a fairly niche audience. Facebook Music will likely gather a large audience of users, one that will be bigger than that of Last.fm and the service will also post the scrobbled music to your Feed.

One of the big problems with music social networks, such as Ping and Last.fm to name a few, is that they’re just for music. While they can connect with other services, the integration isn’t too good. A Facebook-native service would likely fit in very well with the massively popular social-network and create a more seamless integration with Facebook than a third-party service could provide.

Also rumoured to be included with the service is a unification of music streaming services. So if a friend links to a….oh, wait. Australia doesn’t have any big music streaming services. Either way, it’ll let you connect with friends using other services. American friends.

Anyhow, the f8 conference begins on September 22-23 (AEST) and you can catch all of the news here on techgeek.com.au.

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