Facebook reveals profile page overhaul, in public beta

Facebook reveals profile page overhaul, in public beta

Facebook has announced that it will overhaul the profile pages of its users, bringing it in line with recent design changes to Facebook Pages and the Home Page. The overhaul features a quick snapshot of you based on your profile, such as your birthday, location and relationship status; and will expand relationships between Facebook friends to highlight “Best Friends”, “College Friends” and “Coworkers”.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a dislike button.

Unlike the rest of Facebook changes where it would be rolled out and you have no say in the matter – such as the freaking changes to the Home Page – the profile changes are opt-in, so you don’t have to change to it until up to a certain date when Facebook feels it is ready for a full scale launch.

The new design axes Profile Boxes. However, while some may miss being able to show off their score in the games, it most likely was an underused feature. It also expands on several aspects, such as your interests with all the entries now having images attached to them, where previously only the first entry was able to show an image – though, that is just a cosmetic change.

For those who are privacy conscious, the new changes do not require you to go back into your privacy settings and change everything. Like I said, it is a cosmetic change, all the rest of the features haven’t been changed, meaning that your wall still is your wall, despite the fact that it is now in a smaller font size.

You can opt-in to the public beta on its announcement page. And truth be told, it’s not that stunning.

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