Facebook releases WordPress plugin - now you can publish to Facebook from your blog

Facebook releases WordPress plugin - now you can publish to Facebook from your blog

Facebook has launched their first WordPress plugin, allowing bloggers who use WordPress to easily use some of their social plugins on their website such as Facebook Comments and inserting like buttons on every post. But what’s more important is its second feature – the fact that you can now automatically publish a story to a page or profile directly. No additional workaround required!

Previously, in order to publish to Facebook, we had to either use a plugin – which was even rarer if you had a page – or you simply get a Facebook app to read through your RSS feed and publish new items every 30 minutes or so. You could even publish to Twitter, and have that push it to your Facebook profile or page, but then if you want something only to go to Twitter, then you have to play around with the settings.

All you need to do is install it, register your blog as an application – Facebook will provide you steps to do so – and then link it to your profile. The plugin is ‘mobile-friendly’, meaning that if you put this on a mobile theme of your site via a WordPress plugin, it won’t break. For now, it appears only those who run their own installations of WordPress can use this plugin – but if you’re on WordPress.com, don’t fret, you already have your own social publishing tools to use from.

We’ve quickly installed it on techgeek.com.au and hopefully this works. If you saw it on Facebook, then we know it’s working!

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