Facebook offers Messenger to businesses

Facebook offers Messenger to businesses

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In an announcement made this morning, Facebook is pushing it’s Messenger services into businesses for live customer support and services such as push notifications. Aimed at initially at retail, Messenger for Business will allow a customer to start a conversation with a retailer in order to get support with making an order, order/shipping information and ask the business questions about products.

Facebook has partnered with ZenDesk to make this happen and signed up retailers Everlane and Zulily as initial clients. The service isn’t available for any business to integrate right now but Facebook has mentioned the service will become available for the public in the coming weeks.

During the announcement, Facebook also mentioned that Developers can now integrate with Facebook Messenger. Users can play games, share GIF images and send emojis right within their app. More than 40 developers have been signed up to use the new service with more on the way.

Source: Facebook Developers

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