Facebook now lets you edit comments - finally!

Facebook now lets you edit comments - finally!

Previously, if you wanted to edit a comment or fix a mistake, you had to delete the original comment and write it again. That is, apparently, a waste of time for many, so Facebook has added a brand new feature – now you can edit the comment after posting.

It’s being rolled out slowly, and you can’t do it from mobile, but simply hover over to your comment and click the X button on the right. You only can edit the comment twice before it will ask you to remove the comment and start again – so make sure you edit carefully.

Though, apparently, there is also an “Edit History” which will record all the mistakes you made. So if you’re changing something controversial to be more ‘clean’ or to hide it from sight, good luck now. Your friend will still be able to see it.

And no, you’re not going to see the drawing of a Hippo.

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