Facebook 'Metro-fied': Aussie developer reimagines social network's design

Facebook 'Metro-fied': Aussie developer reimagines social network's design


Sick of the current Facebook interface? Probably not, but have a look at this design concept by Brisbane-based interactive art director Fred Nerby. He has re-imagined Facebook’s design by creating something that focuses on making the social network, what he says, “functional and engaging”.

The design is meant for desktop and tablets (like the iPad) to take advantage of the screen real estate. It appears to also follow some Microsoft’s Metro/Windows 8 design elements – mostly the animating squares, but also creating a rich interface that relies more on typography, animation and a consistent layout.

Facebook users tend to be the most adverse to change in design, so I wonder how people will react to such a design such as this. That said, I do love the design. It is simple yet eye-catching, and the grid gives it some consistency – something that is currently lacking with Facebook at the moment. The typography stands out, making you want to click on it – as opposed to scrolling down.

Design trends currently are moving away from the standard 960-pixel layout towards more adaptable designs. Why? Because designers now have to cater to a variety of screens, not just three. The design seems appropriate for today’s age of multiple screens.

I echo TechAU’s Jason Cartwright’s comments, “Facebook, you have a lot of really smarty and talented people working for you, it’s time to add one more. Give this man a job and turn this design into reality.”

You can see the work at Behance, or at his personal website. Video is below.

Hat tip goes to TechAU for finding it

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