Facebook makes pointless announcement - 60,000 character status messages

Facebook makes pointless announcement - 60,000 character status messages

Right, now this is getting ridiculous. Facebook has announced that it has increased the number of characters in your status messages to more than 60,000 characters. Yes, because Facebook thinks this is something worth announcing.

Then again, this is Mark Zuckerberg we are talking about.

I should also point out that Google+ has a larger character limit than Facebook, but the likelihood of you doing that is essentially when you are writing a long rant, blog post or essay. But hey, now you can do that on Facebook as well – except that would be annoying, because I really, really, really don’t want to read a 60,000 character status message from you. Just redirect me to a blog or somewhere.

So now you can write about 1/9th of a novel on Facebook. Have fun. And please don’t repeat “lol” just for the sake of it.

P.S. – you technically have unlimited characters on comments here on techgeek.com.au. So, take that Facebook. Okay, I was wrong. Turns out we do have a limit of 25000 characters. Damn. (Thanks, Jason – his tweet is below)

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