Facebook for BlackBerry v2.0 comes with Facebook Chat, new UI

Facebook for BlackBerry v2.0 comes with Facebook Chat, new UI

BlackBerry users rejoice! The guys over at RIM, the creators of the smartphone, are at work at bringing a new version of the Facebook application, and while it hasn’t been officially released, a beta of the application has been released – giving us a glimpse of what’s new like, I don’t know, Facebook Chat support.

The new version will now allow BlackBerry users to now communicate to their friends on Facebook via Facebook Chat, and you can converse via the Chat conversation section of the application, or even within the unified mailbox on the smartphone. All you need ot do is to make sure your status is set to online on the application. And the great thing is that your chat can move from phone to web, and vice versa.

Another feature is a new UI, based on user feedback. There is now a more button at the end of every status, allowing you to like, comment and see “Wall-to-Wall” – rather than printed on small text. The update box is still at the top, but also includes adding a photo and your location via Facebook Places. New navigational controls have been included, and will look something similar to the iOS.

BlackBerry OS 6 users will be able to see the beta for now, but the official software will support BlackBerry OS 4.6 and above. You can download it from the BlackBerry Beta Zone.

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