Facebook face-off dead...

Now we may never know if Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg ever stole the idea for Facebook for another social network at Harvard; as they are now looking into settling the deal.

As you may remembered, the creators of ConnectU have filed a lawsuit against Facebook stole their ideas while they were at Harvard; accusing him of copyright infringement, fraud and stealing trade secrets.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra, twins and also the founders of ConnectU, claim that they hired Zuckerberg for the back-end of their site.

Zuckerberg has denied the claims.

However, a source close to this case has said that Facebook is in the verge of settling the deal told the New York Times that it was finalizing a settlement with the founders and dismiss all claims, and counter-claims, in a couple of weeks.

This comes after a court has told Facebook it has to defend itself after asking the court to dismiss the case from Facebook.

In my view, this sounds like ConnectU is jealous of the popularity of Facebook; but we don’t have access to their proof, nor Facebook’s defense, so we don’t know. But, we will keep you posted on the trial.

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