Exetel's John Linton passes away

Exetel's John Linton passes away

Exetel founder John Linton has passed away from an “intensive stroke” after having lunch yesterday. The news was communicated by the company on his blog by his son James Linton, adding that the company plans to continue.

Linton started Exetel as a consultancy company in the 1990s, before it shifted to become an ISP. Linton is also known for his own opinions on the ISP industry, regularly publishing on a blog to customers of Exetel and those who donated to his endangered wild life protection fund.

We have copied the full text, via a Whirlpool poster:

Yesterday my dad was doing what he liked doing best. Eating at a nice restaurant, drinking nice wines , and talking about the state of the telecommunications market in Australia, and the various companies that make this up.

At lunch he suffered what was thought to be a mild stroke, and was immediately taken to St Vincents hospital. He was conscious in the ambulance, responding to their questions, but when he got to the hospital he had trouble breathing and they needed to put him into a medically induced coma and put him on a ventilator to help him breathe. Unfortunately it turned out to be a very intensive stroke and there was nothing the doctors could do, without killing him in an operation or leaving him severely brain damaged. So last night, with most of my family present, his ventilator was turned off and a few hours later he passed away peacefully.

This is the saddest day of my life, I have lost my dad, my mentor, my boss, and one of my best friends.

However dad would not want us fussing over him, he would want to know what we have sold, which was actually one of the last things I said to him. He would also want Exetel to go on as he had planned for it to. He put in a place a strategic plan, so we need to move on as he had wanted us to, and remember him for the great man he was.

If any of you feel like buying my mum and family flowers, I would ask that you instead make a donation to his favourite charity, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds; http://www.rspb.org.uk/

James Linton

Our thoughts are with his family.

Image: ITNews

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