Evolve: Happy Hunting Trailer

Evolve: Happy Hunting Trailer


2K Games and Turtle Rock studios, the developers of the first Left 4 Dead, give us a first look at their upcoming multiplayer FPS, Evolve. Evolve combines competitive and co-operative multiplayer, putting four players against one player-controlled monster, that continuously ‘evolves’ during the game.

Each of the four players have their own abilities and weapon specialties, as the monster is able to gain more abilities, by attacking wildlife during the game.The hunter classes include the Trapper, Assault, Support and Medic, the map in the trailer shows off a jungle area on the planet ‘Shear’, but the maps that will be played on are open environments that include shelters, power-ups, wildlife and smaller monsters.

2433252-evolveEvolve_-_Jan_First_Look_Screenshot__10_Players experience Evolve as a first-person shooter when playing cooperatively as the four hunters, while they control the monster in the third-person perspective, providing a gameplay experience unique to Evolve. The game includes character progression and levelling up, unlocking new hunters, weapons, monsters, skins and much more!

Evolve’s gameplay definitely brings a new spin to 4 player co-op multiplayer, and will be available in Fall of this year (Spring for us Aussies) for Xbox One, PS4, and PC!

You can also check out a 6-minute gameplay video from Kotaku HERE

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