EU: Google has until July to fix anti-trust concerns

EU: Google has until July to fix anti-trust concerns

Image: Dimitar Nikolov/Flickr (Creative Commons)

The European Commission’s Vice President for Competition Policy, Joaquin Almunia has given Google until July to resolve concerns of antitrust practices after finding the company in breach of its laws in four areas in May.

“On May 21, I sent a letter to Google underlining our concerns in its business practices that we identified in our preliminary investigations that started in November 2010,” Almunia said in a speech at the International Competition Law Forum in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

“I want to give the company the opportunity to offer remedy proposals that would avoid lengthy proceedings. By early July, I expect to receive from Google concrete signs of their willingness to explore this route.”

Almunia also said that if Google’s proposals “turn out to be unsatisfactory”, it could soon face an official complaint of antitrust by the Commission.

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