IT engineer complains about not being able to wear Google Glass, wants employee fired

IT engineer complains about not being able to wear Google Glass, wants employee fired


Or, if you want the short title of the post – congrats, you’re a massive douchebag.

Meet Nick Starr, an IT engineer from Seattle. Two weeks ago, he and his partner went out for dinner after some event. He was told that he couldn’t wear his Google Glass by the night manager and to put it away. He refused, got angry at her and now wants her pay to be docked or employment terminated.

Wait, what?

The full Facebook post is below:

Last night I went for dinner with my partner Brian Street after #Hashtag with Lily Armani. The nearest place was Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge. We have been there a number of times and have had breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner there. Every time I’ve worn Google Glass. I even had staff ask me about it and to check it out.

Last night when we arrived we were sat at a table in the middle of the restaurant after our IDs were checked. We begin looking at the menu and a woman who works there comes up to us and tells me that the owner’s other restaurant doesn’t allow Google Glass and that I would have to either put it away (it doesn’t fold up btw) or leave.

I inform her that I am well aware of the policy at The 5 Point Cafe but asked to see where it was policy for Glass to be disallowed at Lost Lake. She said she couldn’t provide any and when asked to speak with management she stated she was the night manager. I again inform her that the two venues are different and have different policies. She refuses and I leave.

As we are leaving Brian points out that on the menu ( they state “Post photos on our website via Instagram by using ‪#‎LostLake‬.” So how is an establishment which is REQUESTING photos be taken, not allow me to bring a device which takes photos and can post to Instagram?

I would love an explanation, apology, clarification, and if the staff member was in the wrong and lost the owner money last night and also future income as well, that this income be deducted from her pay or her termination.

Well, turns out the owner of the 5 Point Cafe – aforementioned for not allowing Google Glass in their restaurant – also co-owns the Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge (with Jason Lajeunesse). And turns out the same rules apply. Talking to Forbes, the owner David Meinert said that a few days ago employees were told that Glass is a forbidden item.

However, when told by Forbes this, Starr wants her fired.

“As of the time of me writing that [on Facebook] there was no written policy on Glass at Lost Lake, and I believed her to be in the wrong and acting on her own and not in line with ownership,” he said. “The female ‘night manager’ who spoke with me aided in Lost Lake losing business and money out of the owner’s pocket. If an employee is losing you money, they should be held responsible.”

Excuse me while I go and hit my head on this table I’m writing this story on.

There’s obviously a debate about whether Starr was in the right here. Some will think he’s entitled to wear his Google Glass in the restaurant, especially when considering the restaurant didn’t explicitly mention that Glass was banned and was soliciting people to post pictures on Instagram. Because what makes Google Glass different to a smartphone when using Instagram? It takes a photo and uploads.

Others will consider it a privacy issue – a reason why Meinert banned Glass in his establishments – because it’s not obvious that you’re being recorded or getting a picture taken. While Glass doesn’t record everything without a user prompt, you can either use your voice to take a picture or a simple press of the camera button on the side (video is a one-second press).

However, what really gets me angry isn’t this entire debate if he should wear or not wear his Google Glass. It’s the fact that he’s asking for her termination. If she was angry or threatening, then I can understand that. However, when reading your story, it appears that the night manager was kind and simply following orders.

And you want her to be terminated from her employment? For simply doing her job?

Congrats, you’re a massive douchebag.

The restaurant is entitled to make whatever rules they want, and not serve customers who violate that rule – and if the customer doesn’t like it, he or she can leave.

In the end, Starr has lost the battle. Despite having the thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, and the fact he has made the post a sponsored post to gain traction for his campaign, he has lost the battle. All because he is advocating for the employee to be sacked. It gives off a sense of entitlement and feels like he’s acting like a spoilt brat because he didn’t have his way.

The good news is that the restaurant are not planning to sack the night manager. Telling Forbes, Lajeunesse said “Should someone lose their job over this? No way. Right or wrong, there’s no way we’d fire one of our employees for something like that.”

“We’d much rather [eject] an entitled-acting tech nerd.”

via Valleywag, The Verge, Forbes

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