EA announces Battlefield 3 'premium service', costs $50/year

EA announces Battlefield 3 'premium service', costs $50/year

EA has preannounced something with Reuters, with the company telling them that it plans to launch a new “Battlefield 3” premium service in hope to boost online sales and to compete against rival Activision’s “Call of Duty” – which also has a premium service.

According to Reuters, the service is expected to cost $50 a year. Users who subscribe will gain special privileges such as erasing their own game statistics, and gain special items in the games. PS3 users of Battlefield 3 will also be able to play new parts of the game two weeks before others. Why only PS3 users and not also PC users or Xbox 360 users, EA does not say.

The service was already leaked out to the press, and it even claims that users will also gain access to five themed expansion packs, exclusive events and videos, strategy guides, and server queue priority.

EA’s Patrick Soderlund also told Reuters that this is pretty much trying to keep the game’s momentum alive since it will not have “another full game out until at least 2013.”

We’ll know more when this is announced at E3’s live press conference at 6am tomorrow – and we’ll be liveblogging it here.

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