EA adds microtransactions to PvZ: Garden Warfare

EA adds microtransactions to PvZ: Garden Warfare


Starting next week, Electronic Arts has announced that Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare will have microtransactions. In the form of coin packs, you will be able to buy these coins to purchase more sticker packs, and access new items and character content much more quickly – the same content that can be earned through regular gameplay. Brian Lindley from EA writes:

Now you have the choice to play your way; you can play to get new packs and content via earned coins in the game, or you can purchase coins to get more of the packs and content you want right away.

You earn coins in all PvZ: Garden Warfare modes, which you then spend in the Sticker Store to unlock character classes, customisation items, and consumables which can be used in co-operative and competitive play. At the moment, EA have fixed the payout of specific game-modes and have made it easier for players to earn coins, but in saying that, the amount of stickers to collect is insane.

When the game released, there were already over 1000 stickers to collect, and with the latest free DLC Zomboss Down, they have added over 200 more stickers. There have been speculations that microtransaction will eventually be added to the game because of the way the in-game economy was designed, but mainly because its EA and the mobile Plants vs. Zombies 2 did include microtransactions.


Nevertheless, you are getting free DLC content, and a lot of it too! The Zomboss Down DLC adds a new map named Cactus Canyon, a variation for each character class, over 200 new customisation items, the Zomboss Down sticker pack that includes some of the new items in the DLC, Plant and Zombie re-inforcements, 10 new achievements and much more!

Unless you really need to collect all the stickers, or a specific one, you can just play the game as it is without using real money. Also because the sticker pack items are randomised, it may take a lot of time and coins to get a specific sticker.


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