E3 2016: PlayStation VR check-in, more titles announced for the launch

E3 2016: PlayStation VR check-in, more titles announced for the launch

As expected, PlayStation spent a lot of their extravaganza showcasing the capabilities of their VR unit, and added a few extra titles to the list of 50 games playable upon its release on October 13th. Here’s a quick look at the newest titles on the VR block:

Resident Evil 7

This one’s the big release. Though not releasing until January 24th 2017, the next instalment of the Resident Evil franchise will be playable from beginning to end in Playstation VR.


This one seems to be your standard space-crash survivor sim. Reminiscent of Soma, but for VR, and with more guns. With not much properly revealed of its content other than graphics and the framework of a plot, we’ll have to wait before making a verdict.

Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 6.20.56 PM

This one appears to be an add-on to the immensely popular online multiplayer shooter, Star Wars Battlefront, developed by EA DICE. The trailer depicts a first-person space battle in true Star Wars fashion, lazers flying everywhere, small ships ducking and dodging all over the screen. My one personal concern for this one is motion sickness. As mentioned in my review last year, the system circumnavigated motion-sickness, but this is a lot of action and a lot to take in. It’ll be interesting  to try it out.

Batman Arkham VR

With the haunting voice of the Joker ringing in your ears, you can’t help but be excited. The Arkham adaption of the Batman story is beloved by gamers, so a VR addition to the franchise is indeed a good move. However, the trailer was only an audio script accompanied by filler shots of Batman’s cowl, so there’s not much to go off. Regardless, the hype is real for this one.

Final Fantasy XV VR Experience

Joining the VR bandwagon, Square Enix have created a FFXV VR experience to enjoy. The trailer shows heavy uses of the warp-jump mechanic many VR systems are currently using to traverse long distances, as well as distance combat. This appears to only be a certain mode of the game however, as you must “play as Prompto” to access the VR aspect.

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