E3 2016: EA Originals program announced, their first game titled, Fe

E3 2016: EA Originals program announced, their first game titled, Fe


During the EA Play press conference, Executive Vice President of EA Studios, Patrick Soderlund, announced EA Originals, a program to support indie developers. They are looking at “supporting small developers and helping them make the most of their games,”, looking for experiences that are “unique, gorgeous, innovative and memorable,”

The EA Originals program looks to provide developers the funding for development, marketing and publishing. also planning to give all of the profits back to the developers, “so they can keep innovating and creating into the future”.

Along with this announcement, Klaus Lyngeled from Zoink Games, revealed the first EA Originals game, titled Fe. Fe is an exploration game that tells “a story that reminds us that everything in this world is connected” –  In the game, you play as a young cub that awakens alone in the dark forest, with no idea of who they are or how they got there. You explore the world and interact with nature through the language of sound and music, trying to understand the forest and its creatures, and discover your origin.

Zoink Games did not announce any platforms or a release date.

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