E3 2016: Detroit: Become Human Trailer

E3 2016: Detroit: Become Human Trailer

Sony and Quantic Dream (developer of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls) have presented a new trailer detailing their current PlayStation exclusive project, Detroit: Become Human. 

The game is set in the futuristic city of Detroit, in which human-like androids are utilised to complete many of the tedious tasks and roles that humans no longer want. Deviant androids have started to appear however, and are rising up against their masters. The game revolves around what the player chooses to say and do, much like Heavy Rain (and Until Dawn, while not by the same developer).

Detroit: Become Human is to have many playable characters, and spending time in each will allow the player to see multiple sides of the story. The newest trailer focuses on Connor, an android who works alongside the police as a Deviant hunter.

The game is currently still in development, with no announced release date. It looks to be an intriguing title, and definitely one to watch.

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