E3 2014: Microsoft brings back 'Phantom Dust' for Xbox One

E3 2014: Microsoft brings back 'Phantom Dust' for Xbox One


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After bringing back Killer Instinct, Microsoft has announced that it plans to revive another fan-favourite title Phantom Dust as an Xbox One exclusive title.

Originally released for the first Xbox console, Phantom Dust was an action/strategy game that included a card-based combat system, where players constructed decks – or “arsenals” – from their acquired skill and then use them to battle other players. The goal is to find out why Earth has become a wasteland, forcing humans to live underground to escape the mysterious dust.

Microsoft did not release any details about the Xbox One remake of Phantom Dust, only saying that it will incorporate new gameplay and “beautifully remade graphics”:

As one of Xbox’s original fan-favorite games, “Phantom Dust” resurfaces with all-new gameplay and beautifully remade graphics. Relive the story of the Espers — a group of humans with the ability to control the dust to create powerful combat arsenals — in this action-strategy game coming exclusively to Xbox One.

The teaser trailer can be found below.

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