E3 2011: Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary + Halo 4

E3 2011: Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary + Halo 4

Already mentioned by Terence, it is confirmed that 343 Industries will be releasing not only a remastered version of Halo: Combat Evolved, the very first Halo game, but are also working on Halo 4, the continuation of Master Chief’s storyline. There are many other amazing games being shown in E3 but for now, lets talk about Halo.

First of all, Bungie has put 343 Industries in charge of the Halofranchise, and are working on a multi-platform MMORG called ‘Destiny’ (Not much information on their upcoming title). 343 Industries revealed two Halo trailers which has amazed many Halo Fanboys, not only because there is a new Halo game being released this year, but it is about time we can finally know what is going to happen to Master Chief.

Secondly, this year marks the Halo franchise’s 10th year anniversary, and is basically the reason why a remastered version is going to be released, to show halo players where Halo first began.

This is all I know about the Halo: CE Remake, some this information has not been confirmed but here are some rumours circulating the game
– The Halo: CE remake will include Campaign, Co-Op, and Online Co-Op, Multiplayer (6 Multiplayer Maps, 1 Firefight)
– (Unconfirmed) The game will include 7 classic maps on a separate disc. Much like Halo: ODST, where there were two discs, Campaign and Multiplayer
– (Unconfirmed) Multplayer will be built around the Reach Engine (it is unknown if the maps are DLC for Reach)
– They have not touched the main storyline and have only changed the graphics, sound to make the game work well on the Xbox360 and also to show gamers what they can do with modern technology
– During gameplay, you can switch from the Remastered version and Classic version
– 343 Industries have stated that they have kept the gameplay physics from Halo: CE and have only changed the look of the guns. The Assault rifle looks similar to the one in Reach, and the Needler is re-design to look like the one in Halo: CE
–  There are familiar stages in the reveal trailer of the Remake, levels/ maps like: Truth and Reconciliation, The Silent Cartographer, Hang Em High, Beaver Creek and Damnation
– There will be many Easter eggs such as terminals, according to the developers at 343 Industries
– (Unconfirmed) Armor Abilities? Sprinting? I hope not
– It has been confirmed by 343 Industries that there will be more information at PAX this year, a playable demo perhaps?

From watching the trailer this is all I know about Halo 4, and again, some of this information has not been confirmed, and because of this trailer, some things have changed, which will be explained.
– From the trailer it is seen that Master Chief has finally been woken up by Cortana, with explosions everywhere in the ‘Forward Unto Dawn’
– Master Chief is re-designed, looking more bulkier, and is seen using a jetpack to dodge all the objects falling down. Some pieces of his Armor are missing, like his crotch plate, showing the damage he took during Halo 3.
– Cortana is re-designed, but because of this early trailer, the designs might be changed again.
– (Unconfirmed) Armor abilities may be included in Halo 4, seeing as though the Chief used a jetpack.
– There will definitely be new weapons, as seen in the trailer Master Chief gets a hold of a small pistol-shaped gun, which looks like a handheld mortar/grenade launcher gun.
– (Unconfirmed) Guns will have attachments? Seeing as though the gun that Master Chief used could’ve been a magnum with a grenade launcher attachment.
– (Unconfirmed) The ship is falling to pieces as it heads towards a forerunner planet. It was always seen as a forerunner planet because of the symbols on the planet in the Legendary Halo 3 Ending, and it is seen in the trailer that a there is an Ark-like structure that the ship is heading towards.
– There is no news on other features such as Campaign, Multiplayer, Firefight, Forge, Theatre, but I’m hoping that there will be more Halo 4 being revealed in PAX 2011

Even though Bungie is not making Halo: 4 or the Remake, Halo Fans are quite unsure of 343 Industries and what to expect, all we can do is wait and see if 343 Industries can really keep the Halo Franchise alive.

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