E3 2010: Final Fantasy XIV

E3 2010: Final Fantasy XIV

Once again Square Enix has reveal another Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XIV.  For you Final Fantasy fans, you do not have to wait for 3 years, unlike Final Fantasy XIII, as this game will be release this year.  Like Final Fantasy XI, this too will be a MMORPG game. The game is set to be released on both PS3 and PC.

When there is good news, there is always bad news, and this game is no exception.  Unlike Final Fantasy XIII, this game will not be release on Xbox 360.  Sorry Xbox 360 players.

As with all MMORPGs, the game includes a class system which is called disciplines.  There are four different types of disciplines: Disciples of War, Disciples of Magic, Disciple of Land, Disciples of Hand.  Disciples of War tends to focus in combat, hence the word ‘war’.  Disciples of Magic focuses on  things that are esoteric.  Disciples of Lands focuses on resources from the land.  Disciples of Hand focuses in synthesis and industry.  Unlike most MMORPGs, Final Fantasy XVI allows each player to focus on the multiple disciplines.

Well Final Fantasy XVI is just any gamers, ranging from causal to hardcore, as said by Square Enix.

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