Dumb Companies Talkin'

Dumb Companies Talkin'


Presented without comment…

Twitch responds to YouTube Gaming

Rdio responds to Apple Music

Rhapsody responds to Apple Music

“It’s flattering to watch new competitors bring a product virtually identical to the one we’ve had in market for years. We know better than to underestimate Apple, but what we saw today looks strikingly familiar. Rhapsody built the first subscription music service in 2002 and we have continued to innovate since. Apple will help raise awareness of streaming music, but we are confident music lovers will value the simplicity of our music-first platform.”

Spotify responds to Apple Music
Flipboard responds to Apple News

We’re clearly onto something at Flipboard. What Apple was showing is something that we actually shipped five years ago. In the world that we live into today, you have to be able to both work with companies, and even when they’re competing with you on certain fronts that doesn’t mean you don’t work with them. There’s still opportunities to work with them. And in doing that, what you can typically find are ways in which you can continue to grow. This is not a winner take all situation.

Apple responds to the Samsung Galaxy Note (and other big phones)

Microsoft responds to the iPhone


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