Dolby sues RIM over use of audio technology

Dolby sues RIM over use of audio technology

Dolby has launched a lawsuit against the BlackBerry maker RIM and could see – if victorious – sales halted as part of an injunction.

Dolby claims that RIM has used Dolby’s audio compression technologies in its smartphones and the Playbook tablet without the proper licenses. The lawsuits, filed in both the United States and Germany, are also seeking damages.

Dolby has also noted that other smartphone makers have licensed the technology from them. According to Reuters, it appears that RIM has been ignoring the issue, forcing Dolby to launch a lawsuit.

The news comes after Nokia and Apple have ended their patent disputes – which resulted in Nokia winning over Apple, as the iPhone maker now has to pay royalties. It also follows a series of patent disputes in recent months against phone manufacturers. Apple and Samsung are currently embroiled in litigation over Apple’s claim that Samsung has copied them, while also in litigation against HTC over patents.

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