DMC releases the OCEAN and TIDAL eBook readers

DMC releases the OCEAN and TIDAL eBook readers

eBook reader announcements are rolling in, especially when CES’s actual start day happened. DMC Worldwide, a company we basically never heard of (in Australia, that we know of), has announced that it will be releasing a eBook reader lineup known as the COPIA, and it will have two models – the OCEAN and the TIDAL (and yes, we also thought they were pretty lame names).

The OCEAN is also subdivided with a 6-inch model, a 9-inch model with 3G and another 9-inch model without 3G connectivity to purchase books on the fly. Meanwhile the TIDAL features a 6-inch screen, but also comes in three models, one without touch, one with touch and no 3G, and one with touch and with 3G connectivity.

All will have an ePaper display, with 4GB of internal memory (with the exception of the TIDAL model with no touch, it has 2GB of internal memory) and  has support for WiFi 802.11b/g (again, the TIDAL model with no touch doesn’t feature this) and they also have an earphone jack, microphone and a microSD card slot (yet again, the TIDAL model with no touch doesn’t have that).

Pricing will start between US$199 – US$299, and will be available for purchase online in April. It will hit retail stores in June. Gallery is below.

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