DIVIDED BY PHONES: Map shows Android/iPhone popularity in USA

DIVIDED BY PHONES: Map shows Android/iPhone popularity in USA

Image: Tom Solari/techgeek.com.au

An interesting graphic released today by the folks over at JumpTap, a mobile ad firm, that shows the United States divided – but not on the typical political lines. This one, however, is on what they carry in their pocket – what smartphone do they carry.

Surprisingly, the results show that despite the numerous complaints of iPhone users in New York, it is deemed a “Blackberry” states. In fact, there are several states that are loyal to the now-fledging smartphone.

What’s sure to surprise people is that despite the high profile iPhone users, California is deemed to be an “Android” state, and in fact seems to dominate the Western states with a small pocket in the East. The iPhone, however, tends to be predominantly centred in the East.

And if that didn’t surprise you, this might, from All Things D‘s Ina Fried:

Android did particularly well in California, Texas and Florida, which have a lot of electoral votes, so those might be places where Apple needs to do some campaigning.



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