Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy gets demo and new characters

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy gets demo and new characters

Square Enix announced at their conference that their upcoming game Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy will have a demo released on the Playstation Store on the PSP available today in Japan.  Aside from the announce of the demo, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy will include many beloved characters from the first thirteen Final Fantasy games.

The demo of the game, Dissidia [duodecim] 012 prologus Final Fantasy, will include the game an arcade mode as well as a story mode.  In arcade mode the player is allowed to experience the controls of the game against the AI of the game.  In the story mode the player is offered a short scenario that is connect to the main game.  This short scenario will be excluded in the final release of the game.  As an enticing offer to buying this game, the player is allow to transfer the accessories from the demo onto the main game, and as well as unlocking an assist character – Aerith Gainsborough, a beloved character from Final Fantasy VII.  This demo will cost 300 yen.

The new characters that were announced at the press conference, besides Aerith Gainsborough, are Yuna from Final Fantasy X, Prishe from Final Fantasy XI, and Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy V.  These new characters will be joining alongside the previous announced characters of Kain Highwind from Final Fantasy IV, Tifa Lockhart for Final Fantasy VII, Laguna Loire from Final Fantasy VIII, Vann from Final Fantasy XII, and Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

The release date of the game Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy is the 3rd of March this year in Japan.

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