Developer makes getting Myki compensation easier; Metro Trains rejects it

Developer makes getting Myki compensation easier; Metro Trains rejects it


In Melbourne, people who have a myki pass are entitled to get a refund if Metro Trains does not meet its performance targets. However, to get the refund, you have to print out a PDF form, write all the details and send it off. One developer found that to be a pain and developed a site, called MetroClaim, to make it as seamless as possible. Only one problem, Metro Trains are rejecting all claims made by MetroClaim.

Why? According to the site, they regard MetroClaim an “unauthorised site” and that they prefer you to print off the PDF document and handwrite all your details. However, MetroClaim’s developer Perryn Fowler argues that they are using the same form, but just filling in the details that the users typed in. In addition, thanks to the Getup vs Electoral Commissioner case, e-signature technology is a valid form of signing paperwork.

I should note that Metro Trains already accepts pre-filled out forms already. Many universities, such as Monash University, have a system for their students to get a tertiary concession card Myki. These applications are predominantly filled out already with your course, your university, the signature of the Vice-Chancellor, etc. The only thing you have to do is simply sign and date it before going up to any Metro Trains station.

The main issue, it appears, is “authorisation”. The universities probably have been authorised to do this – given that it would be far easier for them since they don’t have thousands of applications requiring the vice chancellor’s signature. MetroClaim was made by a developer outside of Metro and any government agency, but using their form.

They are, of course, a private company – they are free to choose whatever method is acceptable to claim the refund (they still have to offer it, however). But if it is essentially using the form you provided and just pre-filling in the data, why reject it?

via Reddit

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